About Us

Hi, My Name is Aman Jaiswal and I am a Software Engineer- Founder of Affiliatesfun.com & Asquare Digital Solution. Writing content and spreading Knowledge is my passion. This blog provides you the knowledge of Affiliate programs, Blogging, SEO, and many more. All the content is genuine and authentic.

Before starting this blog. I have created lots of blogs on various niches but lack the knowledge they are failed. Those were my initial days. After getting lots of fails. I lost my courage every day every minute. But the passion for writing content makes a hope that one day, I will be successful. It’s been 5+ years in blogging journey. After getting proper knowledge from our mentor Brian Dean (Founder of backlinko). It gives me the right path to blogging.

With effort and knowledge. I started Affiliatesfun . It was my 109 blog. Yes, you heard right. The only one thing I want to tell you is ” never lose hope “.