Affiliate Booster Theme Free Download Review with 67% Off On Black Friday Lifetime Deal [Limited Offer]
Affiliate Booster Theme Free Download Review with 67% Off On Black Friday Lifetime Deal [Limited Offer]

Are you looking to start an affiliate blog? But don’t know which theme is perfect for your affiliate blog. Many bloggers face the same problem. Mostly if they are a beginner in affiliate blogs. They are getting confused about the themes. Some are tried to use-inspired themes. That means where they get motivated to start an affiliate blog. They use the same theme as their mentor uses.

That’s not bad to use. But they are using many things except themes. So if you want to start an affiliate blog with all features like pros and cons, comparison table, blocks, etc in a single theme that is only made for an affiliate. I am going to give detail about affiliate booster theme free download with black Friday deals.


What is an Affiliate booster theme :

Affiliate booster theme is a mind-blowing combination of plugins and themes that are specially made for an affiliate blog. It contains all the features that are needed in an affiliate blog like the pros and cons table, Comparision table, schema, rating, etc. And many more features are inbuilt. The person behind the affiliate booster theme is Mr. Kulwant Nagi. This WordPress theme launched in June 2020. It comes in popularity in the market due to the lack of features in the affiliate theme.

affiliate booster theme

Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin Black Friday Deal 67% Off

Schema Optimized WordPress Theme for Affiliates.
  • Schema Optimized
  • Ultra Fast Loading
  • Easy Customization
  • Typography Control
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • 12 Homepage
  • Pros And Cons Table
now $69/lifetime
Save 80%

Why we choose affiliate booster theme :

Many themes are made for an affiliate blog. But the main problem is they don’t provide the inbuilt features like pros and cons table, Comparison chart and many more things. If you are using another theme you need to install a separate plugin for all the features that come in the built-in affiliate booster theme. They provide a single plugin that comes in name of blocks. You just need to install the single plugin and your affiliate blog is ready. No need to add any other plugin.
The best part of this plugin is the look of the creating blog. Yes, you have heard right. The blocks are amazing and look professional. You don’t need to add any extra CSS to your blog.


Innovations/Features of affiliate booster theme :

Affiliate booster theme is ready-made with all features that are extremely needed in affiliate blog. With all great color combinations and optimization. That makes this theme perfect for the affiliate blogger.

Well, schema optimized:Theme HTML is built on schema.org structured data. It helps google to understand the type of article. It also enables lighting fast load time of your website.
Ultra-fast loading:Affiliate booster theme is built from the ground with a surety of page load time in mind. With complete enjoy of fast loading blog.
Easy Customization:It provides a separate setting for each block and page. So any customization can be made easily.
Typography Control:It provides typography control for each block. Where you can change the font, heading, links of your content and blog.
Gutenburg Compatible:With these features, you can make additional power to blogging. That means you can create a silo structure for your blog.
Mobile responsive:This theme is 100% mobile responsive. 
Truly made for affiliates:This theme is specially made for an affiliate. 
Elementor Compatible:This theme is completely compatible with the elementor page builder. You can create any customization to your blog.
Increase CTR:It will increase the CTR of your affiliate blog. Those are specially created for purchasing on the mind and added value to user life.


  • Schema Optimized
  • Easy Customization
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Ultra Fast Loading


  • One option is enable in free version
  • Quite expensive after black friday sale

Affiliate booster theme free download :

You can download an affiliate booster theme free rather than paid plan. But the free version is limited. If you are creating an affiliate blog. Then I don’t think that limited is enough for you. And purchasing a license for this is quite expensive for those who are just beginners. But don’t worry we will come with a solution.
If you are satisfied with the free version then its oh kk. But currently, they are running a Black Friday sale on the website. Which gives you a 67% Off on purchasing. Once you made a purchase. It will be a lifetime license.

Affiliate Booster Theme Free Download

This theme is specially designed for affiliate blog. It includes all features in one plugin. No need to download any extra plugin for theme. It comes with paid and free. Check out by given link in button.


Can we go with GPL license affiliate booster theme:

You can go with a GPL license. But the main problem is they don’t provide an update and support. The cost of a GPL license is quite low and affordable but I am sure you will get frustrated. I also think about this but I purchased with the original license. Because you only made the one-time purchase and it will be for a lifetime. The rest depend on you.

My experience with affiliate booster theme:

Affiliate booster theme

I have created this blog on an affiliate booster theme. When I think about creating a blog with all features. Honestly, I have watched so many youtube channels on creating a blog. Reading blogs about affiliates and many more things. When I think about creating a blog one thing that comes to my mind is that blog should be compatible with an informative blog and affiliate blog. After so much research. I found this affiliate booster theme. But a problem comes about price. It cost around 149$ for a single site. Which is quite expensive for me. I start saving to purchase this theme. After 1 month I purchased it. And now you are reading this blog on the affiliate booster theme. And you can experience the features by yourself and understand why I made efforts to purchase this theme. I have made this because I am passionate about writing and creating content.

Final Words:

If you are passionate about creating content and adding value to life. Then you can go through it. I used this theme. That’s why I recommend you to use this.


Q1. Does the affiliate booster theme is compatible with Gutenberg?

Yes, it is compatible with the Gutenberg theme builder.

Q2. Does the affiliate booster theme is free or not?

It comes with both plans free and paid. But free has a limited option.

Q3.Who is the founder of the affiliate booster theme?

Mr. Kulwant Nagi is the founder of the affiliate booster theme.

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