How To Earn $398Day Using Fiverr Video Editing

How To Earn $398/Day Using Fiverr Video Editing : If you are a teenager or working professional and spending much time on social media. Probably you have noticed that video creates huge retention. Youtube is the best example of a video streaming platform. So many videos are uploaded every second. But only uploading videos is not enough, editing will play a vital role in the video.

Through video editing, you can convert raw footage into an awesome video with some effect and timing. 

According To a report, about 80% of the traffic of internet consumers comes from video. If you are a professional video editor and try to make 10000$ a month. Then I am going to tell you how I made 398$ /day from Fiverr video editing. 

Key Features :

  • It is the future of marketing and highly demanded skill.
  • Statics show most of the traffic comes from video.
  • Great skill and proper knowledge of tools make you a freelancer in video editing and make work from home.

Starting Career As a Freelancer Video Editor on Fiverr :

Before getting into freelance video editor as a career. You should know the proper direction. For a beginner, you have to choose a category in video editing like a music video, documentary, movie editing, advertisement, etc. Working with a specialized category makes a strong portfolio and gives a high-paying gig on Fiverr.

You can start working on other categories but before the experiment, you have to make perfection on what you have started with category.

Let me tell you one thing. If you are started from scratch, then it would be expensive to learn and acquire tools to do the job. So before starting you should know the advantage and Falls of the video editing work.

Fiverr Video Editing

fiverr video editing
  • Great Quality
  • Amazing Output
  • 24*7 support
  • Professional Work

Freelancer Video editor Advantages and Falls :

The best advantage of a freelancer video editor is that it is her boss. If you are working as an employer in a company. Then you are not allowed to say no. And the things that are told by the boss. You have to complete it on time. But in that case, You can do it with specific assignments and categories. Work from anywhere. No need to go office. Even you can earn more than your salary in freelancing.
You are running your business. You can do it as a part-time or full-time business.
But there are pitfalls in this line. you have to find sufficient work to continue your income from freelancing. In that case, you are responsible for your work and tools. If there will be replacement or error then you cannot depend on the employer to pay for that.

How To Build Impressive video Editing Gig on Fiverr :

In Fiverr, To sell our services we need to create a gig. Gigs tell the client what service you are providing and how much time will you take to complete the tasks with including experience level. 

I am gonna show you how I created a gig on Fiverr that will generate tons of revenue. This is my secret strategy step by step.

Step 1: Choose the right category For video editing 

As I told you earlier that a specific category is needed to start freelancing on Fiverr. That will help you make a stronger portfolio.

In the given image, you have given a variety of categories in video editing. Choose any video editing category in which you love to work and have proficiency. 

  • Ads & Social Media Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Gaming Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Wedding And Event Videos
  • E-Learning
  • Movie Trailer 

Step 2: Build a catchy title for your gig

After Choosing the category and doing all signups on Fiverr. Signup on Fiverr is so easy. So don’t waste your time telling yourself how signup. Let’s come to the point. Before building a title, you must analyze the gig that is ranked on top. It will give an idea to create a title for your gig. 

Title and description play a very important role in the Fiverr gig. It will rank on Fiverr as well as google search results. 

A title should be short, Crisp, and attention gaining. Because searches cannot be made with a complete paragraph. They just enter the keyword and get the result. Fiverr gives more preference to those gigs. Which have done work with quality rating. Don’t get panic. I will give you a trick that will rank your gig on the first page with a star rating. At the end of the article. 

Step 3: Creates best information/discription for gig 

After completing the title now it turns to come upon description. According to the gig, I have given the exact details with the proper keyword for ranking. Suppose I have created a gig on social media. Then my description will be on how you will create the ads, strategies you follow. Tools which you are using in video editing are not necessary for the description. Keep it short and simple. No need to make an article in the description. I have seen so many people that they will copy and paste the description of another gig. That’s is wrong. If you think that Fiverr is not so smart, then you are wrong. Fiverr consider this spam. This will not tell by any blogger or YouTuber.

Step 4: Submit amazing portfolio to Fiverr gig 

All the things are done. Now it’s time to submit a portfolio of work you have done. If you are a professional then you have enough to submit. But if you are a newbie or fresher and just start working. How will they submit the portfolio? No worry, just create the demo. No need to work on a live project to submit a portfolio. If you know the editing then I don’t think so to create demos. But make sure that the work you have submitted is a portfolio. It should be your original work whether you will create a demo or work on the project. Because when a client asks for any changes or alterations. Then it would be done smoothly without any error.

Portfolio gives strong attention to clients. 

Step 5: Premium Tips 

If you want to rank your gig on the first page. But before going to this trick you have a decent amount to spend which is around [$5-$10].

Create another account on Fiverr. It should be a seller account. And order the service from your gig. I know it sounds strange but trust me it’s a working trick. But when you order service from your gig. The price should be less. So that it would affordable [Around $5-$10]. Do it 2 times. I guarantee your gig will rank on the fast page. I have also tried this method for my gig and its work. After getting a Rating you can increase your gig price.

Best Fiverr Video Editing Gigs on Fiverr 

Here are some wonderful Fiverr gigs in the video editing category. If you are a business professional and looking for someone to create amazing videos for your ads and others. Then you must check out the gigs.

5 Best Video Editing Gigs On Fiverr :

  • djole94 (5 Star Rating with over 702 orders)
  • Larissa Anne (5 Star Rating with over 112 orders)
  • noman_27 (5 Star Rating with over 110 orders)
  • kylin_nelson (5 Star Rating with over 98 orders)
  • nasima_01 (5 Star Rating with over 85 orders)
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