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Satta Matka, this word comes to your mind. When you heard about this. Most of them know and some are not. So if are not know about this term Satta Matka, Kalyan chart, Matka result. And curious to know what is this. Then your wait is over. In this blog, I am going to give you details of this term.

Fun Fact :

This keyword Satta Matka gets 150M Traffic in google search every month.

What is Satta Matka :

It is a type of gambling that will be based on the prediction of numbers. Before getting this name matka. It was known as ” Ankada jugad“. It is also called a lottery game. Random numbers are used to play this game or bet.

This game is started somewhere between 1950. Where the game is played at the opening and closing rate of cotton. All the practice was made to play the game from Bombay cotton exchange to new york cotton exchange with the help of a teleprinter. 

After stopping the practices of the new york cotton exchange. The gamblers need to get this business alive. After finding a solution. They start to play with the piece of paper. A number between 0-9 is written on paper and placed in the pot. After that one man is assigned to pick a random number. The winner will be declared.

How satta matka Played :

It is a game of lottery where random numbers are used to declare the winner. Before playing this game, a person needs to select the number between 0-9 and a bet will be placed on the number you have chosen. An amount will be placed. After that at a certain given time. When bets are getting closed a random number will be picked. If the number will be matched. Then you will be a winner. But every time you will win that’s not possible. It is a prediction and luck-based game.

Different types of Satta Matka games played :

If we talking about currently. There are only two types of Satta Matka games getting famous. One is Kalyan Matka and Kalyan night matka.

This type of lottery system is played on time scheduled. Just for information Kalyan night, Matka is played between Mon to Fri. And Kalyan Matka is played 6 days of the week.

  1. Satta Matka
  2. Kalyan Chart
  3. Kalyan Result
  4. Matka Result
  5. kalyan Night Matka

What is the Kalyan chart :

Kalyan Chart is a game sheet of Satta gaming. That will be used to get the exact up-to-date game scheduled and online outcomes. In this chart, you will get the number that will be previously released for winners. On behalf of the previously getting numbers. You will predict the next outcome.
Satta Matka is a well-known numerical-based lottery system. But in the case of the Kalyan chart. It has an opening and closing times.

Market Capitalization of this lottery system :

According to a news report, This has around 2M Market capitalization. This was an expected number real may be big. This game is played in India. Especially in Maharastra. And you don’t believe. It has 150M traffic on google.

Fun Fact

If you are watching a Bollywood movie Fukrey. The game played in this movie is Satta Matka.

Of course, this is illegal. Because it comes under gambling. In India, it is banned. This game was played by hiding himself. Because when you caught. You will face big consequences.

Final Words:

Satta matka is totally illegal. This is a type of gambling where people play this game to earn. But most of them are lost everything. You cannot be lucky every time. This is addiction and if you win some money in it. Most people think they can earn more. But one thing that I say. You may be a win but when you get addicted you cannot get rid out of this. So don’t play this type of game.

Disclaimer :

This blog is wriiten only for education and knowledge purpose. This blog /website does not promote any type of gambling or lottery system.

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